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Canara Robeco Launches A New Gold Savings Fund

The Canara Robeco had launched a fund-of-fund scheme they called the Canara Robeco gold savings fund. In this scheme, customers will invest in gold. The Canara Robeco is known to be an Asset Management company.

Canara Rebeco Logo

Canara Rebeco Logo

The AMC mentioned in their released today that the new fund is a new scheme which will be using units of Canara Robeco gold ETF in an investment. Those we have to face the fact that a lot of countries today are suffering from economic downfall and almost all businesses are being affected by it, still the gold industry had a constant demand.

This has become an alternative source of asset for the current global uncertainties. There are now a lot of people who are looking for a good investment that puts most of their attention on gold investment.

This just shows that gold is a good investment for everyone. For you to be able to participate on this scheme, you need to prepare an amount of Rs 5,000.


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