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Magnum: The costliest beer in India

The Anheuser-Busch InBev had positioned the highest priced strong beer in India which is the Budweiser Magnum. This Budweiser product is currently priced at Rs 150 and this is only for a 650 ml bottle in Maharashtra. The other product that is almost the same price as this Budweiser Magnus is the Carlsberg’s super-premium which was priced at Rs 135 per 650 ml bottle.

Magnum Beer

Magnum Beer

The good thing is that India is a strong market for strong beers. This is one reason why most companies that are having this kind of business here are most likely to succeed. According to records, the consumption of strong beer reached up to 85 per cent of the market.

Also, records have shown that mild beers are not becoming popular anymore due to the high demand of strong beers. The maker of the Budweiser Magnus has continuously dominated the market of beers in India and is now considered as among the biggest companies in the industry of beers.


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