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400 people to be hired by FashionandYou.com

It is another good news for people who are looking for jobs since FashionandYou.com is looking to hire 400 people within this year. These new employees will be distributed in different sections of the company. According to a statement given by their CEO Ms Pearl Uppal, this move is just part of their ongoing efforts to strengthen the company.

Fashionandyou Logo

Fashionandyou Logo

These new manpower will surely help them boost the quality of service that they offer. Its objective is to give their customers a more convenient experience on their company. She also mentioned that the company will be hiring for people who are skilled enough in the field of technology, product, analytics, sourcing, general management talent and merchandising including marketing.

The look for these employees had already begun and it would take around 2 to 3 interviews before a person would get the job that he wants. It is also good news for employees who are planning for higher education since the company will fund education of employees.


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