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Cash back program of TaTa Docomo for Walky customers

Tata DOCOMO had mentioned about two cash back offers for its Walky which can be located across Kolkata and West Bengal. With this offer, people will get up to 90 per cent cash on the purchase of Tata DOCOMO Walky device which has a price of Rs 999. This cash back that a customer would receive will be in the form of a discount on its monthly bill.

Tata Docomo Logo

Tata Docomo Logo

This is really a good way for people to save from getting this kind of service. Under this cash back plan, the user will get a discount of about Rs 75 per month for the first 12 months that he is under the said scheme. After this, the user will then get a discount of Rs 150 for the next six months.

This is actually not bad for those who are looking for have their service for a long time. These discounts are definitely very timely.


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