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Bagel Cafe – A Rs. 2.5 Crore Dutch Food Business In Delhi

A Dutch national that settled in India had started an Rs 2.5 crore business idea which was considered as the only café chain in the National Capital Region. The name of the business is Lalita’s Bagel Café. Since the owner of the business was a Dutch, definitely he missed being at home which inspired him to create a food business that would cater Dutch food.

Bagels Cafe Logo

Bagels Cafe Logo

She also added that for a long time it was her dream to indulge into such business. It is not an easy decision for her to establish the business that he was thinking for it was the first in India. She also thinks that it might be a stranger to people in India, thus giving her low sales especially in the beginning of the transaction of the business.

The first problem she encountered is the lack of money for to buy her own place that is why she settled for renting. There were definitely a lot of hurdles that she encountered before making the business a success. It is really true that if you do your best in whatever you do, you will surely succeed.


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