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Rs. 1 Lakh Crore Worth Investment Plans of Reliance Industries In the next 5 years

The Reliance Industries is planning an Rs 1 lakh crore investment in the country for the next five years. This is to make sure that a stronger and a more diversified Reliance would be in the country for the years to come. This is from the statement given by their Chairman and Managing Director Mr Mukesh Ambani.

Reliance Industries Logo

Reliance Industries

The company is definitely serious about being the undisputed market leader in the retail business. They have a goal to achieve revenue of Rs 40,000 crore to Rs 50,000 crore. They plan to achieve this within three to four years.

The main advantage of the Reliance Industries compared to other companies is the fact that they have utilized the growth opportunity in India. They have done this by taking up a lot of projects in the country. Among these projects are setting up a gas cracker at Jamnagar which is considered as the world’s largest.


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