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GE India To Set Up R&D Tech Center For Rs 300 crore In Bangalore

GE India will be investing more in Bangalore by putting up a research and development lab in the area as part of the expansion of their technology centers. This would be part of their Rs 300 crore investment. Most of the companies today such as GE India are definitely investing a lot in their expansion plans.

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GE India

The new investment that GE India would take would include experimental labs and its infrastructure that will boast the company’s leading-edge research and engineering. The project would include a research and engineering lab in cancer treatment, technology for healthcare, radiochemistry, heavy earth moving equipment and locomotive engines.

These would surely give a lot of benefits to the people in India. Also, as we might expect, whenever there are expansions in a company, surely there will be a lot of vacant jobs that will appear.

This is good news for people who are still looking for jobs and also for those who had just recently graduated.


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