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Mother Dairy Launches Eco-Friendly Milk Vans “Kamdhenu”

The idea of Mother Dairy to have an eco-friendly milk van will definitely be a success. The company which was considered to be the largest milk supplier in the NCR launched this project today in New Delhi which they called ‘Kamdhenu’ and this van will cart loose milk in different parts of Delhi and other near regions.

Mother Dairy Logo

Mother Dairy

The idea behind this milk van is to reduce around 5.75 tonnes of plastic pollutants daily around the National Capital. A similar program was already established by the company in Faridabad where it could carry around 800 litres of loose milk. In just a few months, the company had already observed the success of this program and with this; more vans will surely start moving in Delhi and the NCR region.

Mother Dairy Kamdhenu Van Pictures

Mother Dairy Kamdhenu Van Pictures

The launched of the program last June 5 was in line with the World Environment Day celebration. Big companies surely have a big role when it comes to making sure that we do something that would benefit our environment.

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