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Hyundai Rotem Awards a big project to Tecpro Systems Worth Rs. 160 Crores

Korea’s Hyundai Rotem Company had given Tecpro Systems Ltd a project that is worth $32.7 million (Approx. Rs. 160 Crores). The project involves supplying of coal, limestone and ash handling systems for a thermal power plant called Mong Doung. The tecpro systems will handle design, engineering, manufacturing, testing and delivery of a coal, limestone and ash handling system.

Hyundai Rotem Logo

Hyundai Rotem

This will all be for the 2X500 MW Mong Doung 1 thermal power plant project. This power plant is owned by Hyundai Company. The company was able to bag this project for they have demonstrated their expertise in the domestic market. The company had just proven that they are internationally acclaimed.

Tecpro Systems Logo

Tecpro Systems

This project is definitely a big breakthrough for the Tecpro Systems Ltd and if everything would go well, another project such as this would surely begin. The company is still expecting to have more orders in order for them to expand and make their presence felt in the global area.


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