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Ad Council Finds 55 Ads In The Month Of May, 2012 That Might Be Misleading Consumers

The Advertising Standard Council of India (ASCI) has identified 55 commercials of companies and brands that might be full of white lies and misleading consumers. As we all know, marketing is very important in a business and one way to do this effectively is through commercials on television.

ASCI Logo Ad Standard Council of India

ASCI - Ad Standard Council of India

Advertisements by companies could not cause any problem especially if the content of the commercial is all true. But when it becomes false in nature, then it’s another story and it should be addressed well. The said council of India had been monitoring commercials in order to discourage companies from creating advertisements which main objective is to attract people amidst false claims.

The regulatory board now has a Council’s National Advertising Monitoring Service (NAMS). According to their Secretary-General, Mr Alan Collaco, these violations will be taken up by the Consumer Complaint Council next month. The strict implementations of these rules are very important for it will safeguard all people from certain bad companies.


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