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Mahindra Satyam partnership with Oxygen Finance

Mahindra Satyam partnered with London-based Oxygen Finance in order to promote Oxygen’s cloud based Accelerated Payment System. This decision of Mahindra is part of their drive to build its linear business and create value addition to its customers. The deal states that MSat is in a position where it can market and operate Oxygen Finance’s Pure Oxygen system for SME suppliers.

Oxygen Finance Logo

Oxygen Finance

The goal of this cloud application is to attract public sectors and companies in different industries like transportation, travel, finance services and telecoms. According to the head of the company, Vikram Nair, they are very much excited with this partnership since it will help them extend their value and also it would do goo for their existing and future customers.

Mahindra Satyam Logo

Mahindra Satyam

Surely, there will be an improvement in the revenue of the company with this partnership. In part of the Oxygen finance, they are also excited for they are aware that the Mahindra Satyam could help the provide SMEs the opportunity to receive early payment.


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