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SBI to focus on retail biz: Hiring 9,500 employees

For the current fiscal year, State Bank of India (SBI) is planning to hire 9,500 employees. This is to focus more on retail banking. This is surely good news for people in India who are currently looking for some work.

State Bank Of India Logo

State Bank Of India Logo

According to their Chairman, Mr Pratip Chaudhuri, the bank is hiring this number of employees since they want to be vigilant with new opportunities and challenges. Surely, expanding their workforce is a great challenge since it requires a certain company to do well when it comes to its sales and earnings.

This will now be a challenge for those people who are running SBI. On this fiscal and on the years that will come, the bank will focus on retail where it had shown some achievement in that field. Mr Chaudhuri had also stated that they are well positioned to meet the competition in the bank retail industry.

There is now an increase in the need of the bank for their plans to be a reality which is one reason why they are hiring a lot of employees.


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