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PepsiCo Frito-Lay Launches 50 New Food Products

PepsiCo still dominates in India’s snack market and to maintain this state, they are planning to launch more than 50 new products as part of its investment in scale and innovation. According to their vice president Vidur Vyas, the company is in constant innovation and their programs are stronger than ever before.

Pepsico Logo

Pepsico Logo

They are investing in technology and innovation and this includes the testing of 50 new products. As we all know, the key to success in a business is innovation. A company needs to be innovative in order to get the attention and the preference of consumers. Definitely, there is a high competition in the market and a company needs to be good in dealing with this competition.

Frito Lay Logo

Frito Lay

For the record, the company has about 150 products in the market and had launched 16 new pack sizes ad variants in the last couple of months. Though there are some signs of consumer slowdown, the company is still aggressive when it comes to producing products.


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