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Cadbury India To Take On Ferrero Rocher; Launches Toblerone In India

Cadbury India had accepted the challenge of Italian brand Ferrero Rocher by planning to launch soon the legendary triangular Swiss chocolate brand Toblerone. It order for it to get a little leverage, the company is planning to price Toblerone competitively.

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They also added that they will be more aggressive in introducing the product to the people and will make it available to a lot of market. They will definitely sell the product in wide areas across the country. For the record, Toblerone holds the record for being the largest selling chocolate brand in duty-free and travel retail.

This mouth watering and delicious chocolate is produced at Berne in Switzerland. Only 4 per cent of this production is sold in their own country will the other 96 per cent of the production is sold in other countries.

This brand currently accounts to 40 per cent of Switzerland’s total chocolate exports. Cadbury India decided to take Toblerone due to the tremendous success of its Italian rival in the country.


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