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Raymond to Intensity Social Media Marketing; 400% Increase In Social Media Spendings

Raymond Ltd had stated recently that their ad expense in social media had increased to around 400 per cent. As we all know, the company is considered as the worlds, largest producer of worsted suiting fabrics and they rely so much on social media to promote their product and their business in general.

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Looking at the previous marketing history of the company, they have spent about Rs 35 crore for advertising and marketing where Rs 5 crore was intended for social media. Currently, the company has an ad put on Facebook for a model hunt in Q1 FY13.

The ad that they had launched had attracted a lot of young male models across India. According to a certain report, a lot of leading companies today both local and international are starting to embrace the use of social media in their marketing ventures. There are a lot of significant reasons for this and among it is its popularity to a lot of people of any age.


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