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10 Township projects launched by Sahara India

Chairman of Sahara India said that finally, their plans for real estate development got legal approvals. With this, they had launched 10 integrated township projects across Tier –II and – III cities in the country. The project would spread about over 900 acres. The company also had launched an affordable housing brand called Sahara Swapna City.

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Sahara India

These projects will be built across 360 cities in smaller parcels. It is true that before the company had their approval, they have gone through a lot of things. There are a lot of issues these days going on in the real estate industry. Land acquisition has also become a big issue making real estate projects not as easy as a lot of people think.

The Sahara City Homes project will be financed by bank funding and also with the advance payments that customers will make. Most of these projects would require an investment of around 500-600 crore while with their affordable houses, the investment would be about 100-125 crore.


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