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HomeShop18 Targets Rs. 160 Crore Revenue this fiscal

HomeShop18 is quite confident that this fiscal year that will end March 31, 2013 will be good for them. They are expecting to double their revenue to Rs 160 crore. The business of this company is providing shopping services on Internet, TV and via mobile phone. During the last fiscal year, they were reported to have revenue of Rs 89 crore.

Homeshop 18 Logo

Homeshop 18

The statement regarding the increase of their revenue was stated by their CEO Mr Sundeep Malhotra. The company had also stated that they will definitely have a boost in growth with their e-commerce business. Among the new venture that they have made is an online book store with more than 10 million titles.

This site is expected to give them a profit of about Rs 80 crore. For the record, they are selling books in an average of 3 books per minute. If this will continue and improve, surely the company will reach their revenue goal for this fiscal year.


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