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Rs 5,675 crore of investment by Welspun Energy on wind power projects

The Welspun Energy gave a press statement that it had made an initial agreement with the government of Karnata. The project involves the setting up of 100 MW and 750 MW wind power plant in the state.

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The company will also be investing an amount of Rs 5,675 to develop wind power projects in Karnata and this is projected to be complete in about five years. This project is part of their plan to have 1,750 MW of wind and solar energy projects where 40 per cent of these projects would be for solar power and the 60 per cent would be on wind energy projects.

In the year 2014, Welspun Energy aims to set up a power plant that can generate 1,000 MW of wind power. According to their website, they are targeting places like Gujarat, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh for these projects.

The signing of the agreement was done at Bijapur, Chitradurga and Belgam dated June 7.


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