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Starbucks To Open 1st Outlet In India By August 2012 In Association With Tata

Starbucks Corp, a Seattle-based chain through a tie-up with the TATA group, is planning to open its first coffee shops in India in August or September and aiming to have 50 outlets by year-end. Though the venture in India was planned a year ago, it wasn’t successful due to real estate acquisition and high land costs.

First Starbucks Outlet in India opening soon

First Starbucks Outlet in India opening soon

Hence the tie-up plans were made with TATA group to open cafes in Tata hotels and retail outlets. Now, company is also looking at other locations such as malls, railway stations, airports and offices. Though India implemented new rules this month to allow foreign single-brand retailers to operate wholly owned outlets, Starbucks did not consider changing the 50-50 structure of the Tata Starbucks Ltd joint venture.

The joint venture initially plans to invest 4 billion rupees ($81 million) and first shops will open in Mumbai and New Delhi. It is believed that the iconic brand will attract many young urban professionals and especially youth.

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