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Insurance plan for retailers of Raymond’s Makers Brand

India’s first insurance scheme for retailers was recently launched by Makers, Raymond’s mass brand which just completed its one year anniversary this week. The name of the scheme is Group Personal Accident Policy which would surely benefit the retailers of Makers across the country.

This is definitely good news for the retailers of the mentioned brand. They will be more confident in doing their business due to the planned insurance plans for retailers. Part of the policy of the scheme is the insurance benefits of shop owners and two of their sales team.

This is also one way that Makers will be able to keep their retailer working and interested in doing their work. The insurance would range up to Rs 10 lakh for a period of one year.

According to the Vice President of the company Mr Ram Bhatnagar, Raymond brand has been a pioneer in retail trends in Indian textile and apparel industry. The inclusion of this insurance policy would even hold their grip on the retail industry.


Raymond Shop

Raymond Shop

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