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Lending rates of SBI down by 0.5 – 3.5 %

Good news for those who are planning to established a small business since SBI cuts its lending rates between 0.5 – 3.5%. This fact would surely drive a lot of lenders to State Bank of India (SBI).

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As we all know, one of the problems when it comes to building a business is the fact the people usually do not have the right funds. This is the reason why they often look for companies or banks that could lend them some money. In choosing a company to lend money, people look for low rates.

It is really a good thing that SBI had prioritized lowering the rates of those small and medium enterprises including agriculture segment. On the other hand, interests on other types of loans such as personal, housing and car loans are still the same. It is still a good thing that they did not increase their rates for economic problems.


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