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Price hike of up to 50 % for Hard drinks in Delhi Region

People who like hard drinks would surely not like the news regarding the increase in price of drinks like whisky, gin and rum in Delhi. This is because the excise duty on alcohol has been increased by about 50%. Those drinks that is less alcoholic like beer and wine have been exempted from this increase in price.

Royal Stag Whisky

Royal Stag Whisky

This price hike would definitely affect a lot of brands in India such as Pride, Blenders, Royal Challenge Royal Stag and a lot more. This decision of the government is aimed to increase the excise revenue of Delhi. Definitely a lot of people would be affected by this, but people could not change anything and in time they will just get used to the new price.

The cost of these hard drinks will now be anything between Rs 10 and 30 more. The government had already made its move by sending notification to all shops that sells hard drinks. For the record, whisky is considered to be the most sold hard drink in Delhi.

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