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Stratech’s surveillance system to be marketed by Punj Lloyd in India

We all know the importance of surveillance cameras in airports and with this, Stratech Systems – a company in Singapore decided to reach the market of India. The company decided to tie up with Punj Lloyd in order to market their business in airports in the country.

Punj Lloyd Logo

Punj Lloyd

The main task of the Punj Lloyd is to market, sell and deploy iFerretT Intelligent airfield surveillance and foreign object and debris detection system in India. The said surveillance system will definitely increase the security of airports in India.

This would also be good in the aerospace industry since people will now be more confident in the service that these airports offer with the implementation of surveillance systems.

It will not only be good for people and passengers, but also for the aircraft and operations of the certain company where these systems would be installed. This partnership would surely gain good results with the experience and network contacts of the Pun Lloyd Company.


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