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Diabetes Drugs Market Grows At 22% India – Diabetes problem getting worse!

According to a Credit Suisse report, the domestic diabetes drugs market for the FY 2012 grew 22 per cent at $700 million. This might be good news to businesses that sells these drugs, but definitely not good news for the government that aims to have a healthy and safe people.

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Credit Suisse

This report just shows that there is a growing prevalence of diabetes in India. If this problem with not be addressed properly by the government of India, surely the country would soon become the diabetes capital of the world where the number of people with diabetes would most likely become 700 million from 400 million at present.

In a statement given by Credit Suisse research analyst Anubhav Aggarwal, the pharmaceutical industry is having a 25 per cent growth in overall diabetes and 15 per cent in insulin segment. Something should definitely be done by the government before everything would be too late. The health and lives of the people in India should be the primary concern of the government.


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