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Infosys Delays Hiring 28,000 Recruits Till June 2013 – Recession?

On Monday, the Economic Times reported that Infosys will be holding its plan to take 28,000 new recruits until the mid-2013. This is due to the problems that are faced by the company which is considered as India’s No 2 software service company. This goes to show that even big companies experience a lot of problems in doing their business.

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Their problems might also be bigger compared to those smaller companies. Just as the saying that goes”Great power comes with great responsibility”. Since Infosys is one of the leading companies in India, the management of the company has a lot of responsibilities and if these responsibilities are not meet, it would surely result to problems.

Infosys has mentioned in an email that they are still planning to have those numbers of recruits but they will only delay the process and they expect to have this numbers to be completed by the first quarter of the fiscal 2014.


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