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Fitch Gives Negative Rating To India

India is facing a negative outlook these days with Fitch Ratings credit for India was cut from stable to negative. About two months ago, another company, the Standard & Poor’s made a similar call to India.

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This rating was due to the risks that are seen in the growth of India which is caused by poor governance and policy making. If the government wanted to improve the image of India, they should start addressing the problems that they have in their governance. If these problems would not be addressed, surely companies, big and small will not anymore trust the country for any investments.

In a statement given last Monday, the government had increased the gross general government debt ration of the country. This doesn’t create a good image for the government and for the country as well. This is among the reason why the sovereign rating of India fell down.

There are definitely a lot of things that the government should do in order to address this problem and the best time that they get serious about it is now.


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