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Honda To Launch Commercial Jets In 2013

Honda Motor Co., world’s biggest manufacturer of motorcycles and engines and Japan’s No.3 car maker, is finally going to get its $4.5 million Honda Jet certified. Company is expecting to achieve at least a quarter of the world market for small business jets soon after delivering its first aircraft next year.

Honda Commercial Jets

Honda Commercial Jets

Honda Jet will make Honda the only car maker in the world to build its own aircraft. It has been planned that company will produce 80 jets a year in the first half of 2013. A quieter engine, 20 percent better fuel economy over competing models and operational costs of two-thirds or less are the special and tempting features of this very Honda Jet.

However the engine is designed as a joint venture between Honda and General Electric Co. Company started taking orders from 2006 and till now more than 100 orders for the seven-seater jet were placed.

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