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Vodafone India Cuts 3G Rates – Now 80% Cheaper?

Today, what people usually seek for are affordable services. With this, Vodafone India had been cutting the cost of their 3G space. Due to high competition, any company should be doing their best to entice people with the service they offer.

Vodafone 3G Logo

Vodafone 3G

For the Vodafone India, slashing the cost of their service for the second time in less than a month is necessary. Their latest entry plan is a 25 MB of data download for Rs 25.

There higher side would be up to 12 GB of data download for about Rs 1599. According to a Vodafone India spokesperson, they now have the cheapest price on 3G service in the industry.

About a month ago the company decided to increase the benefits of their service while reducing the cost of their rentals. These actions of the company is has one purpose of getting the interest of future costumers and also to sustain their current number of subscribers.


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