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Ratan Tata to receive Rs 8 crore commission for FY’12

Mr. Ratan Tatan will received more of what was given to him in the previous year being the group chairman of TCS. In today’s fiscal year, he will be receiving an amount of Rs 8 crore which is way higher compared to what he had received last year.

For the record, he was able to receive an amount of Rs 2.4 crore as commission to Tata for the last year. This goes to show that the company had realized the important that a chairman performs in a certain company. If a chairman is not good enough in doing his work, surely it would be a lot of problem for the company.

Since Mr. Ratan had done his job well, he is not reaping the fruits of his work. Giving enough recognition to the efforts of a person that manages a company is very important.

Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata


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