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Net profit of IGL – Indraprastha Gas grows 18%

Good news for IGL since they have reached an 18 per cent jump in net profit. This is due to their high sales. This increase in sales would not be that easy without the good management of the people behind this success.

IGL - Indraprastha Gas Logo

IGL – Indraprastha Gas

This just goes to show that the company will be in the industry for quite a long time. Amidst the problems and uncertainties in the industry today, still the company was able to look for some ways on how they are going to increase their sales. The sales that they had last year grown about 22 per cent over the first year said a person in the company.

This also implies that the management has done a good job in keeping the business in balance. Though you have a good product to offer in the market, though it’s a commodity it would still not give you any good sales if not handled well.


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