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Tata Global Venture buys 25% stake in Stallion Brands

Just recently, the Tata Global Venture Ltd had another acquisition of stake and this time it’s in the Stallion Brands India Private Ltd. Tata Global had acquired 25 per cent stake.

For the record, we all know that Stallion Brands is in exclusive partnership with Levis India. We all know that this brand is a popular garment brand not only in India, but also in other countries. This addition on the stakes of Tata Global has just improved their position when it comes to their business.

Since the company is still getting stakes, this just means that they are really doing well in the industry. A company will not be able to buy some new stakes if it is not doing well. Surely, Tata Global would be gaining more sales since the brand that they have purchase a new stake is quite popular in the garment industry. This is definitely a smart move for them.


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