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Bearings for Volvo V40 to be Supplied by SKF Automotive

SFK Automotive will be launching its Volvo V40 car and in line with this, they have signed a seven-year contract with the Volvo Car Corporation for some useful parts of the car. The SFK Automotive will take charge of delivering rear wheel bearing units and front suspension bearing.

SKF Automobiles Logo

SKF Automobiles

The contract between the two companies covers the production of this new model. The president of SKF Automotive Tyggve Sthen said that the parts that will be developed for Volvo Corporation with help them give their new model a high performance and a customized design.

Volvo Logo

Volvo Logo

All of these are rooted into one goal which is to make sure that this new model would hit the market hard. People today are very cautious with how they spend their money and if a certain company could present a product that would give the buyer an assurance that they have invested at the right product, sales would surly get high.


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