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Rs 25 Crore raised by Grameen Koota through NCD

A lot of us know that a lot of microfinance companies are having a hard time due to the increasing tough environment in the said industry. This is one reason why a lending company should do its best in order to address properly these tough times and how they are going to have a smooth running of their business amidst economic problems.

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Grameen Koota

Grameen Financial Services are among those companies that also experienced some problems. But, they were able to raise Rs 25-crore and this has been possible with the issuance of non-convertible debentures. The purpose of this is to ease its liquidity situation.

The NCD is provided by an investment firm known as the Responsibility Social Investments. For the record, this is now the third round of debt funding that is done by Grameen Financial Services. This current funding that they had was preceded by an amount of Rs 35 crore which was raised last February of last year.


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