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Oil Ministry Launches A Transparency LPG portal

In order to combat the black-marketing of domestic gas, the Oil Ministry on Friday launched what they call a ‘transparency LPG portal’. The portal will serve as a source of information that would be useful when it comes to monitoring the companies that are distributing oils all over the country and their recent activities.

Oil Ministry

Oil Ministry

This portal will be hosted in the websites of HPCL, BPCL and IOC. It will have a search option for knowing the distributor, the cylinders delivered with some details of booking including the delivery date. Most the important information about the transaction of an oil company would be seen on this portal.

The implementation of this portal is not only for the good of the consumers, but it would also be helpful for the government as well. Also, it is intended to cut down the subsidy burden of the Government on cooking gas. For last year, the government had paid Rs 30,000 crore for subsidizing domestic gas.


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