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Record Compensation For Genpact CEO – Rs. 49 Crores!

Tiger Tyagarajan who is the boss of Genpact is considered to be the highest paid chief executive in India’s IT Services and BPO company in 2011. Looking at the numbers, his pay package would reach a total of $8.8 million or Rs 49 crore.

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The total compensation of Tiger Tyagaranjan increased to a four-fold when he was promoted from chief operating officer nearly a year ago. The total pay of Tyagaranjan includes a bonus of $1.3 million, share awards worth $5.2 million and options worth $1.5 million.

There are other inclusions to this pay package and it includes the $17,000 for the CEO’s automobile and driver, also, an equal amount for his relocation to the US. When it comes to executive pay, Genpact tops other rivals. Some of their competitors are Infosys, Wipro and Tata Consultancy Services. Most of these companies are also paying high amount for their CEO, but Genpact CEO is still higher when it comes to pay package.

Genpact CEO - Tiger

Genpact CEO – Tiger


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