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10,500 people to be employed in State Bank of India

The State of India had announced that they have a growing business so far which is among the reason why they are planning to recruit about 10,500 employees for this current fiscal. Base on the statement given by SBI chairman Pratip Chaudhuri, the bank will be making way for 9,500 clerical appointments and nearly about 1,000 probationary officers.

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Base on records, the bank had lost about 7,452 employees on the last fiscal due to some untoward problems faced by the company. Currently, the company houses about 80, 404 officers, 95,715 clerical staff and 39,362 sub-staff. The net profit of the company in 2011-2012 rose by about 42 per cent which the reason why they are in the good stand of hiring people for this good performance.

The increase in the sales of the bank is due to their retail car loan financing and home loan business. In the last fiscal year that ended March 31, 2012 their retail advances grew 10.9 per cent.


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