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Internet Charges in Delhi NCR region cut down by MTS

Good news for Internet users in Delhi NCR since the Sistema Shyan TeleServices in the brand name MTS is cutting the cost of internet service by up to 60 per cent. According to the Chief Operating Officer of the company in India, Sharkar Bali, this move by the company is made in order to give customers an affordable price package for a service that would give them more benefits.

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Though the price of their service was significantly cut down, they still could assure that they can provide world class internet experience to their clients. The company has said that the cost of surfing the internet was cut down to 1/3 of its last price.

For the record, when this cut down was not yet implemented, for Rs 348, a customer would be getting 512 MB data which translates into 67.9 paisa/MB. With the new rate now, the customer will be getting 1.5 GB data usage for Rs 348 that would be around 22.5 paisa/MB. This is definitely a great deal for internet users.


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