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Fujifilm Exits India’s Camera Market; Cites “Cheap Market” As A Reason

Fujifilm has made an important decision on its business where it will exit the ultra low-cost market of India. This is to address their problem when it comes to revenue generation. Obviously, the company will find it hard to get good revenue if they are selling their products in a very low price.

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This might be the reason why the company decided to exit the ULC market. Being in the said market is not anymore productive for Fujifilm. According to their Executive Vice President Rohit Pandit, the company had stopped importing products that are sold in a very low price mainly because they are not profitable.

Though it is salable, the revenue is not that high. This decision was also due to the recent fall of rupee. Fujifilm will now focus on strengthening their brand position by selling high quality cameras that would cost much higher. Still they have some stocks left for the ULC cameras, but this stock would be depleted in about three months.




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