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Huawei Unveils New Networking Equipment For Indian Businesses

Technology plays a big role in the business industry for it had made a lot of work easier and faster. Also, it is now being used in a lot of process performed in a business. On Monday, the Chinese telecom major Huawei Telecommunications (India) revealed their latest series of gigabit switches and routers which is intended for companies in India.

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A lot of us know that ICT had significantly been a key factor when it comes to business improvement and development. With the new switch and router presented by Huawei, companies today can now do tele-presence, video conferencing, video surveillance and unified communications.

This can now be enjoyed in about 20-30 per cent price lower than other providers. The company is now able to compete with other leading OEMs in the country since it had plunge into developing hardware products from solely relying on software ICT solution. Some of the major competitors of Huawei are Cisco and Polycom.


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