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Unillever Launches “Magic” – Reduces usage of water in Laundry in Global Sustainable living Plan of India

A lot of us today wanted to save in any way possible due to the economic problem that is experienced globally. With this, the Hindustan Unilever is trying to come up with a product that is made to reduce the use of water in laundry.

This after wash-laundry product would be known as Magic since reducing the usage of water in laundry for about two-thirds would surely be a magic. This would be the first product that would emerge from India which is a part of the global sustainable living plan by the Unilever Company.

By far, Unilever has become very much successful with creating products that intends to help people preserve water. For example their product that is a dry shampoo which can be used without any water and a hair conditioner that doesn’t need to be washed away. These products are really useful for areas where water is very scarce.

Hindustan Unilever Logo

Hindustan Unilever Logo


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