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IT Dept. Launches Mobile Tax Kiosks To Make IT Returns & Tax Filing Easier

We all know that the Income Tax department would experience traffic every time the filing season of tax returns would come near. To address this increase in traffic, the department had decided to set up a special ‘tax kiosk’ in some residential areas and localities in order to facilitate any taxpayer related services.

This is to help people who are far from any I-T facilities to be able to enjoy the services of the Income Tax department. They will no longer need to go to special camps to perform some tasks like filing of returns, tracking refunds and a lot more.

Since the deadline for the filing of I-T returns is one July 31 which is fast approaching, the company also decided to run and station some mobile vans in smaller cities. This van will have house some trained personnel that would be of help for tax payers in performing their tax related tasks.

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Dept. of Income Tax


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