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Japan IT Industry Welcomes Infosys

Infosys has been doing well in their business and now they are planning to open an office in Japan which will be a part of their expansion plan. They have seen that their business have grown during the time that they started to enter the market of Japan.

Since Japan is a place where technology is mostly exercised, companies like Infosys would surely not have some problems with easily getting their products to people. Most of their clients are in manufacturing, financial services and consumer goods. Currently the company has different client projects in Japan that is manned by about 1,000 employees.

Though base on their records, the US and Europe contributes a greater percentage on their export revenue, still they are very much hopeful that their stand in Japan’s industry would have a strong foothold and will grow in time. With their new office, they will be able to target new businesses.

They have no problem with setting up this new office since they have seen considerable increase in their revenues for the last two years in Nagoya and Tokai.

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Infosys Japan


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