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Amway to set up production plant in Tamil Nadu

A top company official of Amway mentioned that the company is eyeing in investing an Rs 400-crore manufacturing facility on Tamil Nadu and Gujarat. The Head Corporate Affairs of Amway told reporters that they are looking on Tamil Nadu for a place where their manufacturing plant would be established since it is near good air and sea.

This would make raw materials very much accessible to them. So far, the company is seeing a 19 per cent growth in their business turnover and Tamil Nadu contributes about 30 per cent of this increase. Since Tamil Nadu contributes a lot to the growth of Amway, time will come that it will become the hub for the company in the years to come.

As of now, Amway doesn’t have its own production facility here in India. It just gets products through a third party company. The quality of product that is sold by Amway is among the reasons why they are experiencing an increase in their growth.

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