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Health Drink for Children Offered by Himalaya

Health drink for children has now become a big market which is why some of the leading companies that sell drink products are also targeting the said market. Himalaya is among these companies where it launches its health drink for children.

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The name of the product s HiOwna-Junior which is a nutritional supplement made for children. Definitely parents would not be hesitant to buy their kids with this product since it is good for their health rather than buying them with soft drinks that are not healthy.

This mentioned product is the first of the company in the segment of health drink for children. Soon, the company will be creating a separate division that will handle the production and creation of nutrition products. The HiOwna-Junior contains micro nutrients that most children really needs.

HiOwna Junior Himalaya Drink

HiOwna Junior Himalaya Drink

When a child is healthy, it doesn’t mean that he is complete with the micro nutrients he needs, which is the reason why this nutritional drink was developed. It is priced at around Rs 180.


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