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MTS to launch card payment Service

With the advancements of technology, there are now a lot of things that you can do with your mobile phones and tablets. Among the leading company in technology, Sistema Shyam TeleService Ltd will be launching its mPOS service. This will give their clients the capacity to do card-base payments.

MTS Payment Card System

MTS Payment Card System

This new way of payment will substitute the traditional way of paying which is through using credit or debit card on swipe machines. This new scheme of MTS using mPOS attachment in a one year data plan is priced at around Rs 3,000 to Rs 4,000. For the record, the average monthly usage is about Rs 200 and Rs 300.

This is surely a good offer for the clients of the TeleService Company. Actually, there is a pilot project for this scheme and it is with e-commerce retailers like Flipkart.com and Yebhi.com. This new way of payment will be launched by the company soon. Though no specific date was given by the company, still a lot of people are now excited on this new way of payment.


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