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Voice Biometrics for Banks by Uniphore and Nuance

A new project is being established by Uniphore Software Systems and Nuance Communications where the input of password on banks will not be through voice recognition technology.

If the pilot project on this speech-base solution would be a success in a few banks, you will surely be enjoying this technology soon. This is definitely a good innovation in the banking process since it will make things a lot easier and faster. The Uniphore Software Systens with Nuance had developed this speech-base solution for banks.

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 They are now tying up with some banks in order to test this system and some of these banks are Syndicate Bank and Axis Bank. If everything would turn out well, this technology will surely be a hit.

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The good thing with this technology is that your identity will be immediately recognized in about seconds after the system hears your voice. This is much better compared to memorizing your long passwords and typing it into the machine.


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