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GM To Introduce New Cars & Discontinue Aveo, Spark & Optra

General Motors India will be launching new cars in the Indian market this year in order to increase the sales of the company in the domestic market. We all know that a lot of car lover usually wants to buy new models. This is why the company is doing their best in order to be able to introduce new cars this year.

GM Logo

GM Logo

The new models of the company will be replacing its old cars. With the debut of hatchback and sedan combo, the older models like Aveo UV-A hatchback and Aveo notchback, Optra, Spark will be replaced.

Also, the company is planning to improve its design on Spark compact car in the month of September. The company will be bringing new design and new features to the car for it to be loved more by car enthusiasts. These plans of the company were due to the drastic drop down of their sales for the first two months on the current fiscal.

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