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DSP BlackRock Launches “m-Invest” Investments Tracking Made Easy

A new facility of DSP BlackRock Investment Managers Pvt Ltd called the ‘m-Invest’ will allow investors to simply send an SMS or make a phone call to purchase or redeem their investments.

DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund Logo

DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund

This will surely make investing pretty easy. It will enable investors to have a registered folio and a mobile number with DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund. Investing has now become very easy where you just need to send an SMS to 567672855 or call on 1800 200 4499 in order for you to know the amount of redemption or purchase you want to make.

Since you will be registering one of your bank account, the amount that you have sent via your mobile phone will automatically be transferred into your registered bank account. This will all be through the scheme that they had specified. Good thing is that the facility will become available this coming July 1, 2012. This scheme can only be used by people within the country.


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