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Bisleri Sets Up “Bisleri Shoppe”s To Counter Competition

The industry today of any product has become very much competitive and this includes the industry of bottled water. With this, the Bisleri International has set up ‘Bisleri Shoppe’ which is a new exclusive retail format for selling bottled water.

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The company is doing their best in order to boost the visibility of their product and also to make sure that they address competition in their business.  The company had already introduced their product in Bangalore and they are planning to do the same in Mumbai and other key cities in the country.

According to the Chairman of the company, Mr. Ramesh Chauhan, the company as of now has 10 exclusive Bisleri Shoppes and they are still planning to open about 100 by the end of the year. This Bisleri Shoppe is estimated to have an investment of around Rs 2.2-3 lakh per store which is quite a good investment. It will be housed in a 20 feet by 10 feet store.


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