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76% Increase in the Sales of Audi India in June

The luxury car dealer Audi which came from Germany had reported a jump in their sales for about 75.98 per cent in their sales in India during June. The total sold units was about 718. This is surely a good number for the company. This just means that the industry of India, had greatly embraced their product.

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The car industry is now facing a lot of problems with economic challenges such as high fuel price, inflation and reduction in retail loans. With these problems, most companies had experienced a decrease in their sales. But, Audi is very much confident that they would still do better when it comes to their sales.

So far, this year is yet the most successful year for the company which is why they are very much optimistic that more success will come. Actually, the company is targeting 8000 cars to be sold this year and with how things are going right now, surely they can be successful with it.


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